Life Coaching

I do individual consultations via WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or in person. In these sessions we inquire into the range of options, opportunities, ideas, challenges, goals, inspirations that you might have and what it is you would like to do, be, have in your life.  We explore what is relevant for you now, and identify what might be getting in your way.  

We are aiming for full integrity – for you to live in alignment with your highest purpose, with what has the greatest meaning and value for you.

Using a range of skills from my extensive toolkit, we identify pathways and actions you can take that are in alignment with your values, objectives and your heart’s longing.

This all takes place in a safe, confidential session where the ultimate objective is to increase self love and acceptance, to bring creativity, compassion, power, kindness, joy and vitality to you and your world.

These personal coaching sessions also assist you to make wise choices, to develop sharper clarity and deeper understanding of yourself and others, so that you can cultivate healthy relationships.

Our work together will help you identify the gifts in your most challenging situations, leading you to a state of grace and a depth of gratitude that grounds you, that brings stillness and perspective to your being in the ever-changing, ever-moving business of life. It will enable you to make choices from a place of deep integrity.