Idea, Project and Business development.

Got an idea for something you’d love to bring into the world, but need assistance to actualise it?

I can help! As well as an extensive background in project generation and management, I have systems in my blood. This means I thrive on finding links between the ingredients of your proposition: the actions, timing and considerations required to bring it to fruition.

Practically speaking, I am a highly skilled listener and will consider the full spectrum of your idea, then discuss with you how you would like to get to where you would like to be, in the most efficient, enjoyable and fulfilling way.

I have a mind that retains essential detail,  that can expand to see the big picture and analyse context. This sometimes entails being able to see around corners and consider multiple scenarios that may influence your project. Being able to see the big picture in multiple dimensions allows me to pose questions and open discussions that can liberate, unleash, lubricate or ease the passage of your idea.

If you get stuck, I will help you assess potential solutions and pathways and choose those that are in alignment with your values and goal(s).We will thoroughly and courageously explore your idea and create something that is aligned with your highest purpose, your greatest joy and your most magnificent creativity and prosperity.



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