Group Facilitation

As well as designing workshops and training programs to deliver specific information or achieve intended organizational objectives, I offer facilitated sessions to assist you and your team in designing a roadmap of actions to help you achieve your vision, goals and objectives.

Facilitating the Civil Society Indaba in Burgersfort, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Drawing on my experience as a project manager, counsellor, coach and Hoffman Process facilitator, we identify ways to clear road blocks and find alignment through the nuances. My background as a Hoffman Process facilitator and the broad range of workshops in corporate and rural communities I have facilitated means that I am highly trained to facilitate a room: I have exceptional listening and sensing skills, and work fluidly with other team members in creating a kind, powerful, authentic, challenging, courageous, productive space.

I am very serious about the value of our time on this planet and that we spend it well, so will never waste your time, or mine. We have much to do, to create and enjoy. It’s time to thrive.



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