Bringing over 15 years of experience working with people as a therapist, facilitator and body worker, I am now offering hour long massage sessions for women in the Hoedspruit area, either at your home or my forest retreat studio.  To book, contact me : or call on 076 885 8168.

What clients are saying ….

“Stella has an amazing ability with her specialized massage therapy. During the massage she uses her hands in an unusual manner that mysteriously “dazzles” the nervous system into complete serenity and beyond calm where one actually spontaneously starts to move in and out of the super conscious mind, in waves of complete surrender to deep relaxation.  She is intuitively inspired to know just where a tight muscle is seeking relief and then she powerfully interacts with these muscles,  bringing balance to not only the body but also to the soul and mind. What an experience! I recommend a massage with her! Thanks for your awesome work, Stella!”
  – Mardeen, Reflexologist

“I remain grateful for the pain relief and deep relaxation I obtained from my sessions with Stella. Using years of accumulated knowledge coupled with well honed intuition, Stella offers profound insights during the bodywork that result in a holistic healing experience. I am looking forward to more of Stella’s stellar work.” 
 – Kellyanne, Musician and Sound Healer

“I value the tremendous healing presence that Stella brings to bodywork sessions. My body releases, relaxes and aligns with Stella’s skilled touch. I also find that the work supports the clearing of emotional blockages. I walk out of sessions feeling supported, relaxed and more aligned with my purpose.”
– Kathleen, Community Facilitator

To book a session or purchase a gift voucher, please contact Stella on 076 885 8168 or email



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